Vext v1.7: Bring Your Own AWS SageMaker LLM, Mistral Large, and Template Gallery

Vext v1.7: Bring Your Own AWS SageMaker LLM, Mistral Large, and Template Gallery


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We've been listening to your feedback, rolling up our sleeves, and, after much anticipation, are thrilled to introduce Vext v1.7. This update is all about empowering you, the developers, with even more flexibility, inspiration, and power at your fingertips to build complex LLM pipelines.

Bring Your Own LLM: AWS SageMaker Integration

For those of you who've been tinkering with models on AWS SageMaker, you can now seamlessly integrate them into your Vext LLM pipeline. Imagine the possibilities when combining the might of AWS SageMaker with Vext's versatile platform.

Whether you're fine-tuning models for niche tasks or experimenting with new approaches, your SageMaker models can now play nice with Vext.

Check out our integration guide here.

Whether you're crafting a new pipeline from the ground up or looking for a bit of a head start, the Template Gallery is your new go-to source of inspiration. And this is just the beginning. We're committed to continuously expanding the gallery, not only to save you time but to spark new ideas and bring your creative visions to life.

vext template gallery

Mistral Large

Mistral Large are now available for all our Pro plan users. This latest addition to our model lineup is about to take your projects to new heights. Mistral Large is the most advanced Mistral AI Large Language model capable of handling any language task including complex multilingual reasoning, text understanding, transformation, and code generation.

vext mistral large