Introducing Notion Integration: Streamline Your Custom AI Creation

Introducing Notion Integration: Streamline Your Custom AI Creation


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We're excited to unveil a new integration with Notion, aimed at streamlining your custom AI development experience. Now, you can bring your Notion notes directly into Vext to craft your custom AI.

The Significance

Vext's primary goal is to enable organizations to quickly build tailored AI solutions using Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) technologies. By allying with Notion, we're amplifying this objective by simplifying the process of importing your critical data into Vext with minimal clicks.

The Process

Starting a New Project

In the "Create Project" setup interface, you'll notice an additional option for "Notion" in the data source section.

You'll be asked to select a Notion account and grant the necessary permissions for Vext to interact with your Notion content. Once that's settled, you can browse your Notion workspace and choose which items to pull into Vext.

Adding to an Existing Project

If you wish to link Notion data to a current project, navigate to the "Data" section and opt for "Add Source."

Then, choose "Notion" from the list and follow the authentication steps, much like the procedure outlined above.

Key Benefits

  • Simple Data Transfers: Effortlessly upload your Notion documents into Vext with a few simple actions.

  • Unified Experience: Eliminate the need to hop between multiple platforms—your Notion data can be accessed directly from within Vext.

  • Optimized Productivity: Accelerate your AI development cycles by centralizing all the data you need within Vext.

Let's Get Started

Activating the Notion integration is a piece of cake. Simply sign in to your Vext profile, navigate to the data import options, and choose Notion as your data source. From that point, you can commence importing your Notion assets and make full use of Vext's custom AI capabilities.

Privacy Policy Disclaimer

We take your privacy and data security seriously at Vext. It's crucial to note that we will not access your Google Drive or any other files without your explicit consent. Any files you choose to import into the Vext platform are solely at your discretion. For more details on how we handle data and privacy, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Rest assured, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data protection and confidentiality for all our users.